FLICK_EU MIRROR. Foto: Sónia Alves © ZKM Karlsruhe

Joint Project with ZKM l Karlsruhe


Peter Weibel (1944 Odessa) Matthias Gommel (1970 Leonberg)
FLICK_EU, 2007/2015
Interactive installation: A photo-booth, a computer, four monitors

In FLICK_EU visitors have their portraits taken and become part of the exhibition. When a coin is inserted into the slot at the photo-booths, the usual passport photo is ejected. Simultaneously, the photograph is digitised and uploaded to the internet. From there it is relayed to museums, including the Kunsthalle, where it can be displayed, either on a monitor or as a projected image. Thanks to digitisation, the portrait can be displayed in several places at once. Visitors to the exhibition in Karlsruhe will be visible in Karlsruhe, Edinburgh and Lyon, their actual visit to the Kunsthalle thus leading to their virtual presence in two other museums. Projekt FLICK_EU is an artistic reflection of the function of the portrait in the age of digital media. At the same time, it fulfils the conditions for a community, since the visitor is also virtually present in other museums and cities. Thus the project creates a model in miniature of the European community.


Bernd Lintermann (1967 Düsseldorf) Joachim Tesch (1969 Münsingen)
Interactive installation based on the installation FLICK_EU by Peter Weibel and Matthias Gommel

Another perspective on the community of FLICK_EU citizens is provided by the installation FLICK_EU MIRROR. The visitor sees a live video of himself projected in front of him, which behaves like a mirror image. After a short while, the image becomes coarser and he realises that the individual pixels are portrait photos of people who have taken part in FLICK_EU. His own image is composed, like a mosaic, from the images of many other people. The virtual camera zooms over the frozen image, focussing on individual portraits. The visitor may even see himself, if he has recently digitised his photo in FLICK_EU. After a few minutes, his own mirror image reappears, emerging as an individual from the general community.